Together, We Can Make A Difference

“Project Playground strives for children to interact and develop friendships but above all to have fun.”

“Youth all over the world are forced to handle different societal problems such as poverty, racism, violence and other social, economical and political problems. Individuals who live under poor conditions are at greater risk to suffer long running psychological and emotional damage. Organized activities gain a positive development among youth through the combination of motivation, concentration and goal ambition that often occurs during organized activity. The combination of these components is associated with positive outcomes such as greater achievements, increased self-control and self-efficacy.”

Project Playground

Meet Helena Branning, an optician in Lund who was nominated Ambassador of the month, thanks to whom kids in Lanka, South Africa, got glasses and a chance to improve their vision.

“For me it was natural to use my profession and being able to help with vision. For someone else it could be offering one’s knowledge and time by talking about PPG and making other people aware of the complex problems facing young children in the different townships. If each and every person contributes, even in the smallest ways, together we will make a bigger difference.”

Helena Branning for Project Playground

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