Myth and Fact

“Violence is a common stigma attached to schizophrenia; however, the vast majority of all violent individuals do not have serious mental illness. Of those who do have schizophrenia, most are not violent. Although the media often focus upon the dangers that the mentally ill pose to society, perpetrators of killings against strangers are most likely to have no lifetime history of mental disorder and do not suffer mental illness at the time of the offence*. /…/ However, schizophrenia does increase the individual risk of aggression. /…/ It is noteworthy that the victims of patients with mental illness are significantly more likely to be their current or former partner.”

Sources: Rogers, T, Fahy, T (2008).  Suicide, violence, and schizophrenia. Psychiatry 7:11. 

* University of Manchester. Avoidable deaths: five year report of the National Confidential Inquiry into suicide and homicide by people with a mental illness, Manchester: University of Manchester, 2006.

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