Self-care to Prevent Relationship Burnout

“Self-care is vitally important when you have a partner who experiences mental illness.” Kate Thieda on PsychCentral’s blog

Life close to a person with a mental illness is an everyday reality for some persons. Others live with a person experiencing ups and downs and temporary relapses.

Daily life can be experienced as a rollercoaster and consistent self-care strategies may come in handy. Self-care strategies may help prevent relationship burnout. In her article, Kate Thedia recommends the following strategies:

  • Time-outs: allow yourself an hour of alone time, during which you focus on something else than everyday life. Maybe you can exercise, read a book or meet a friend.
  • Touch: the power of touch is tremendous and can work wonders. Why not go for a message or a pedicure, or maybe pet the dog?
  • Socialize: don’t isolate yourself. Meet a friend and allow yourself to maintain balance and perspective on the situation. Guilt, shame and embarrassment are common feelings among relatives and may keep you from seeing friends. Social isolation is not good for your own health, humans are social animals.
  • Create or maintain your own life: nurture interests of your own, which you can look forward to.

“Remember: caring for yourself isn’t selfish, it’s self-care.” Kate Thieda

Link to PsychCentral\’s Blog

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