Getting Inspired

Last night, I went to bed with a number of ideas in my head, but I couldn’t see clearly how they fit together. This morning I stumbled upon Mark Suster’s blog. After reading his post about visual creativity, I sat down and started drafting a mind map. A technique that I sometimes use when I need to structure my erratic thoughts. To some point, these thoughts, or what I do about them, may be called creativity. And that’s fun!

Mark Suster summarizes his post in the following points:

Putting it Into Action:

  • Allocate enough time in your weekly routine for “being creative”
  • Find ways to invoke your creativity (driving, shower, wine, music) and learn what your best environment is (quiet vs. music, alone vs. group)
  • Develop & refine a process. It might be similar to mine: write, organize, shape, move objects, add bullet points, develop stories, etc. Or your process might be different.  But you need a process for innovation.  It doesn’t just happen.
  • Test your ideas with others, seek feedback, refine.
  • Have fun.  That’s what the creative process is supposed to be.

Source: How I use visualization to drive creativity, Mark Suster

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