Winter Impression

Do dark and cold days affect your mood?

Try to go out for a walk in the middle of the day. Absorb the light! Get a nice coat and hat that make you feel pretty or handsome.

Get out with the kids and the dog and play in the snow. Pretend that you are ten years old again! It is a good work out and physical activity is known to have positive effects on mental health.

Once back into the warmth of a home, office or other, switch on the lights and light som candles. Prepare your favorite hot drink, whether tea, coffee or chocolate. Warm your hands around the cup and enjoy the taste of your freshly brewed drink.

Invite some friends over and cook a good meal together. Bake cookies that you can give away to your loved ones. Make someone happy!

Snug up onto the coach and hide under a blanket with your favorite book. Or rent a movie that makes you laugh. End the day with a long, hot bath along with a refreshing drink of your choice.

Hopefully, some of these activities will lift your spirits! At least they lift mine.

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