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Gott nytt år, oavsett löften och intentioner!

“Har du några nyårslöften?” “Inga löften, men goda intentioner!” Gott nytt år 2011!

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Happy and Healthy New Year!

There is a new year ahead. A year to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. A year with ideas to keep your spirits high! Set attainable goals and take small steps at a time. Moodletter suggests ten tips to maintain mental … Continue reading

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Anledningar att le or Reasons to Smile

Ett leende sker i ett ögonblick, men minnet av det kan finnas kvar en livstid. Greta Garbo  A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime. Greta Garbo Om du ser en vän utan ett leende; ge honom/henne ett av dina. If you see a friend without smile; give … Continue reading

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Inre och yttre resa

Att byta miljö kan kännas som att byta lp-skiva. Som att förflyttas från ett gammalt, utnött spår till ett nytt och annorlunda spår. Inte bara fysiskt, utan även mentalt. Det ger plats och inspiration åt nya tankar. Och mindre ältande. Även om … Continue reading

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What you want is not always what you need

More from Kay Redfield Jamison, about medication and psychotherapy.   “At this point in my existence, I cannot imagine leading a normal life without both taking lithium and having had the benefits of psychotherapy. Lithium prevents my seductive but disastrous … Continue reading

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Literature, Love and Manic Depression

A beautiful self-biographic passage about love and friendship by Kay Jamison Redfield, professor of psychiatry and author of a number of books. She is an authority on manic-depressive illness, from which she has firsthand experience. “David could not have been kinder … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Born from Depression

J.K. Rowling was first hit by depression after her first marriage broke down. She wished to be a writer since childhood and overcame depression when writing the first Harry Potter book, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. The Harry Potter series began as … Continue reading

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